Zoom Bloopers

Zoom fail image

As we move into our new semesters, remote learning keeps us zooming through our content. Even with so many hours on Zoom, bloopers arise and are ever-present! It can help to acknowledge them. It’s also helpful for us all to share the journey together and even laugh as we ascend that learning curve.

I worked with artist Olivia Weaver (@_ollie_oop on Instagram) to create a comic on Zoom bloopers, which I used in my class last term. The students offers fun responses, many of which evolved into tips for each other on learning in our remote world.

A comic of Zoom bloopers

Zoomable Success

Online Learning tips graphic

While 2020 has passed, aspects of 2021, at least for now, look very similar to the year gone by. For one, many of our classes will be taught remotely at least in the first part of the year. We will share with our faces and writing framed by a monitor screen. While we all continue to adapt and increase in our proficiency to online learning, there is still significant challenges.

As we begin teaching in 2021, we should talk about what can lead to success in online learning. To this end, I worked with artist Olivia Weaver (@_ollie_oop on Instagram) to create a comic on dangers of remote learning. Below you see the graphic, suitable for use in your classes, just be sure to credit Olivia.

What other tips would your students offer? Which of the tips ring true for them? Might some of us even want to make post-New-Years online learning resolutions?

tips on online learning, created by Olivia Weaver